Black History & The Hemp Industry


That the history of the hemp industry is based in racism? 

If you didn’t, here are some quick facts: 

  • Hemp, cotton & sugar, through slavery, saved America in the 1800’s while slave labor processed hemp until the Civil War. 
  • It was in constant demand and used for a everyday purposes for items such as ropes, tablecloths paper and so much more.
  • Hemp was not a profitable crop because of the high labor costs to prepare the fibers. 
  • Without hemp, slavery may not have existed in Kentucky at all since none of their other crops required the use of bondsmen. 
  • If you didn’t grow cannabis in MA, CT & VA you could be fined and imprisoned. 
  • Kentuckian’s often referred to hemp as the “N*****” crop. 
  • If a slave exceeded his quota he could earn wages for additional production or have free time.
  • For breaking hemp, slaves were typically paid a penny for every pound over the 100-pound quota. A good slave-worker could break 300 pounds a day, earning about $2. Some slaves earned enough money to purchase their freedom. 
  • The cannabis industry is (and has always) been hailed as one of the fastest growing and most profitable sections in the country, yet is still overwhelmingly run by “white male” owners. 
  • Falls short on the diverse hiring and social equity programs. 
  • “Legal” cannabis cash flows upward and people of color continue to get shut out of the industry. 
  • People of color are 4 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. 
  • Many people of color remain incarcerated for even minor cannabis infraction, even in cannabis legal states. 
  • Remembering the history of slavery within the hemp industry offers immense insight into how people of color have contributed to the success of crop that grew the pockets of slave holders and served as the backbone of an industry that continues to grow and flourish still to this day. 
  • The history of hemp is NOT so distant history.
  • It is our duty to uplift one another, support one another and pull back the dark veil surrounding the dark, tragic history and speak on the facts of our past.

Support one another and grow in patience and love. Support Black. Buy Black. Love Black. 

Protect Your Peace